alicia (bespectacled) wrote in lit_society,

greetings, chums.

testing, testing.

welcome. i'm alicia. i'll be running this little society/ operation with the help of my trusty partner, jack. the purpose is simple. just post literary discussions & recommendations and whatnot. the only thing i ask is that you try and stay on topic. although general funness, like the joys of sock puppetry, are allowed occasionally, i don't want this to turn into another makeoutclub. and i don't want to see posts about the "sweet valley high" series. good, yes?

i'll be posting some books that i enjoyed later. feel free to do the same once you're a member ;).

oh, and to become a member...
send me a blank e-mail with the subject line "add" (my e-mail address is on the info page). i'll add you if you seem appropriate. i'm not an elitist, so chances are, i'll add you.

half wit.
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