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the importance of my being earnest...

i hate first entries... i'm not sure how to introduce myself in just the right way.

so instead.

i'll ask you guys a question.

which one do you recommend i read first? The Picture of Dorian Gray (which two of friends have been raving about), or The Importance of Being Earnest?

i've developed this fascination with Oscar Wilde, but i've never actually read anything he wrote all the way through... i'm just curious as to which one would be more suitable for "my first time" and why.

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welcome, welcome.

i'd recommend the picture of dorian gray. i'm going to be reading it shortly myself. ;). i absolutely love oscar wilde, but i didn't start with this book. everyone else i know has, so i think it'd be a good introduction.
ok, i took your (and everyone else i asked, haha) advice. i've started the book... i'm not very far along, but it feels like it has the potential to be really awesome.

how was dorian grey?
dorian gray, definitely. reading plays can be difficult, and 'earnest' is a tad complex, in terms of character relationships and all. it's genius, of course; i would definitely do it after dorian.